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  Janis Henderson-Hunsucker - Curriculum


Pictures from my garden:

What is my curriculum? The Standard Course of Study of course! I believe in exposing students to many different art mediums so they can find one that matches their interests.

I have worked hard to create materials for my classroom. If you have questions about them please email me.

I have moved the 99% of my curriculum to my Visual Art Teaching blog:

Art Quizzes

These quizzes were created using Hot Potatoes software. It is easy to use and free, I highly recommend it if you are a teacher. I use these quizzes for test review and as a station for students who are finished with their work early.  
Elements of Design

Art Graphic Organizers

Here are some graphic organizers I have made using MS Word and Inspiration.

weaving part to whole color wheel graphic organizer

Computer Performance System (CPS) Tests

Printmaking CPS Quiz



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